About us


Dormitory 101 embodies the tale of a stay-at-home mom's daring leap into entrepreneurship. Faced with the challenge of finding high-quality bedding for her college-bound son, she saw an opportunity to fill a market gap. Despite lacking prior business experience, she embarked on the journey of building Dormitory 101, leveraging a blend of determination and chance encounters that led her to discover premium fabrics and industry mentors.

From the initial search for the perfect bedding to the serendipitous encounter at a textile showroom, each step fueled her passion for creating a business that offers families comfort and support during pivotal life transitions. Dormitory 101 has flourished into a provider of premium-quality blankets, reflecting the founder's dedication to both product excellence and giving back to the collegiate community. With each sale, a portion of profits returns to the colleges represented, creating cherished keepsakes for students and bringing joy into their lives as they set out on their academic journeys.